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    Setting parameters to open a form (access 2003)

    Probably really simple but how do you open a form by selecting parameters (with the ability to set more than one). e.g. in an address book form - select all ARCHITECTS based in LONDON? Would like to know how to set parameter by either combo box or typing in value if possible.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Setting parameters to open a form (access 2003)

    You can put unbound combo boxes on the address book form itself, or you can use a separate form with combo boxes and open the address book form from there.

    <post#=301130>post 301130</post#> contains code that shows how to assemble a filter string from the items selected in combo boxes. It is used to search for a record there, but it can easily be adapted to filter records.

    Post back if you need more assistance.

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