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    Graphics bad converting Word to PDF (2000/2003)

    Not sure where to start on this one... Our organization uses both Active PDF and creates PDFs manually. We recently upgraded to Acrobat 6.0 from 5.0. Suddenly, all of our graphics are virtually unreadable on screen (they're screen shots of a database and the field labels are unreadable now). We have not changed ANYTHING manually in Acrobat, or in Active PDF so we're unsure why this problem is happening. We know the problem is not SP2 on it's own. We know it's not Word2003 on it's own. We don't know if there's some combination of issues that is causing this. I know my description is kind of vague. Please let me know if you might be able to help. I can email you any more information that you might need. Thank you so much! Oh, BTW, I'm attaching a page from a file where we're having this problem.
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    Re: Graphics bad converting Word to PDF (2000/2003

    If you zoom Acrobat to 300%, I think you'll agree that's where the graphics look best. And this is good for those who print, but not ideal for those viewing on screen. I suspect there is a checkbox somewhere for downsampling graphics to 96dpi or some other number, and my guess is that the option to downsample was turned on before, but is not turned on now.

    The trade-off, of course, is that 96dpi graphics will look crude in printouts...

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