<font color=red>Solution found (mostly) -- set as .txt will spawn a dialog to save or view; it's fast enough for now.</font color=red>

I have a system that allows the user to output their results to file rather than screen (Excel) and, although this works tolerably well, there are problems with using Excel: leading zeros get chopped and there is an intrinsic limit to the number or rows Excel will take (I think you know that!). I have worked on re-directing output to Word, but that method is a lot SLOWER and, at the moment, it seems my webserver is mad at me about doing that -- everytime I try to output to Word I get a IE error saying the 'the requested site is unavailable or can't be found'. Dunno...

Anyhow, I'm not interested in outputting to Word that much -- I'd really like to build a tab-separated file instead. Any ideas on this?

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