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    TBD Dates (2000)

    I'm a very new Project user, so any help is greatly appreciated.

    The group I have created a Gantt for would like to display unknow/TBD dates clearly as such. The ? in the Duration field is not sufficient.

    Is there a way to leave a Start or Finish date field blank? Or to put some conditional formatting (I'm a fan of Excel) on the date fields to clearly ID unknown dates?

    Thank you!

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    Re: TBD Dates (2000)

    The Start Date and Finish Date fields should be values that are calculated by Project based on task durations, the applied Project Base calendar, any resource calendars for resources assigned to the tasks, task calendars, and dependency relationships, not dates that you have typed in directly from the keyboard. The advantage of Project over drawing in a program like Excel that has templates for Gantt Charts, or using Visio for Gantt Charts is that Project dynamically changes all dependent tasks to reflect changes in the plan. If you have a fixed point in time you would apply a constrant to the start of finish of that particular task. If you are typing dates manually into the Start Date and Finish Date fields or using the date picker element Project is automatically applying constraints (restrictions) to your tasks, making the plan totally inflexible.

    If you do not want to use any dates for your project and want to use something generic like Week 1, Week 2....... you can go to Format Timescale and select one of the generic labels for the timescale.


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