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    Brian Roby

    Treeview Controls

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    I am trying to use the treeview control in a VBA app in XL2000 SR1 and would like to know where I can pick up some information as to how to use this control and it associated methods,properties... Can anyone point me in the right direction as online help (hinderance!?!) is really pathetic for this control.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Treeview Controls

    Finding help on any of the ActiveX controls is an exercise in frustration. The standard techniques don't work well and the object browser doesn't know what you're talking about, but there is a little help in there if you can track it down. I've found it more useful to go to the MSDN library and search on the name of the control. Then you have to wade through a bunch of articles that aren't exactly what you want, but you eventually hit the articles that actually tell you how to use the thing!

    OReilly has a book called "Visual Basic Controls In a Nutshell", that has an overview of the various ActiveX controls and is useful, but for samples that help you understand them, I go back to the MSDN library every time.

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