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    MS Mail and Outlook 2003 (Outlook 2003)

    We used to use MS Mail inside our home network with the mailbox on our old file server. It worked well for transferring stuff to each other as we have only a dial up connection. It is not compatible with Outlook 2003 which I now use on my laptop to be compatible with everyone else at work.

    Does anyone know of an alternative to MS Mail that will work internally on our home network? We do not have an Exchange Server just a Windows 2000 PC that we use as a File Server and Internet Connection Sharing device. (I know we should have broadband but you need to tell that to the phone company as they believe we are out of range of DSL. There is no cable, and satelite is too darned expensive for a relatively slow connection.)

    Thanks John Cooper

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    Re: MS Mail and Outlook 2003 (Outlook 2003)

    There are a number of lightweight and even free mail servers available on the internet that you can run on one of your internal PCs. All support POP3, and many support IMAP4. There might be specific recommendations on the Servers board (further down the front page of the Lounge), but if it has been a while, some web searching might be your best bet.

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