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    Powerpoint as Training Tool (2000)

    I would like to use PowerPoint as an on-line training tool where employees can take various on-line training from his/her computer workstations however I am not sure how best to go about having the employee register for the training, access and view the appropriate PowerPoint slide show, take a short test when finished viewing the slide show and allow me to track the employee's completion of various mandatory trainings. How can I make all of this happen from the employee's workstation?

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    Re: Powerpoint as Training Tool (2000)

    PowerPoint isn't terribly well suited to this kind of use. Presentations generally are linear in nature, and while there are facilities in PowerPoint to jump to different points in a presentation, they aren't necessarily straightforward to use. Furthermore there isn't any sort of testing facility or tracking facility built in. It would be possible with lots of work to combine an Access database and various PowerPoint presentations, but there are commercial packages designed to do this sort of thing, and there are also web companies who specialize in this sort of thing.

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