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Thread: Google Desktop

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    Google Desktop

    Hi, I have opened another PST file from my work W98 computer. Google does not seem to be finding the emails in the pst (even after rebooting the computer). Google does find emails created after the initial indexing.

    Is there anyway to get google to index the new (introduced) pst or do I need to reinstall?

    Appreciate any advice.

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    Re: Google Desktop

    I'm not sure quite how strongly I would answer </big>YES</big> to your question, but my experience with the Google Desktop "beta" is that it will quite happily continue to index emails (and other files) which you have deleted, and there seems to be no way of sorting this out except by a reinstall and reindex process. I found this a waste of time, so deleted Google Desktop until such time that it progresses beyond the pre-Alpha stage that I consider it to be at!

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