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    5 year increments (2000)

    I have a date field - Hire_Date - mmddyyyy
    I need to take todays date and compare it to the Hire_Date and if the difference is a 5 year increment I would like to see these records. We would like it to just look at the month and year.

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    Re: 5 year increments (2000)

    You can put the following function into a VBA module:

    Function Age(Date1, Date2) As Integer
    ' Returns the Age in years between 2 dates
    Age = Year(Date2) - Year(Date1)
    If Month(Date2) < Month(Date1) Then
    Age = Age - 1
    End If
    End Function

    This version of the Age function only looks at month and year, it ignores the day of the month. Use it in your query as follows:

    <code>Increment: Age([hire_Date], Date())</code>

    and set the criteria for this column to 5 or >=5 or whatever you need.

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