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    Where did my CD player go? (XP)

    I restarted my PC, and when it finished loading everything, this box pops up saying it detected new hardware. Well, I have not installed new hardware. So, I canceled it. It then said, new hardwaremight not work properly. What evere! I had no new hardware. Later, I tried to store some photo's on a CD. It kept saying insert CD. I inserted many, but it would not recognize them. i went to the "My Computer Icon" but, my
    (E drive has changed to (MMC/SD) !!! I have NO clue what happened. I have looked my PC over and find NO (E!!!!
    Can someone tell me what happened, and how to fix it? PLEASE!!!!!! Thank You! Kathy

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    Re: Where did my CD player go? (XP)

    MMC (MultiMedia card) and SD (Secure Digital) are usually associated with a card reader, but you say you have installed no new hardware. In Device Manager, you should be able to spot this "new" piece of hardware that your computer thinks it has and uninstall it. Then reboot. Somehow your CD drive has been removed but Windows should detect it again upon reboot. You should get the "new hardware detected" message again. This time, follow it through and see what happens.
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