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    Open report (Access 2000)

    I have a command button in my form to open the report.
    If i write one line, for example
    DoCmd.OpenReport "a1", acViewPreview, , "Afid = " &
    Then the report is opened.
    However, if i write the following ElseIf condition:

    If Me!office = True Then
    DoCmd.OpenReport "a1", acViewPreview, , "Afid = " &
    ElseIf Me!office = False Then
    DoCmd.OpenReport "a1", acPreview, , ""
    End If

    Then nothing happens after the click. What happens with my command?

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    Re: Open report (Access 2000)

    If Office is the option group from the database posted last night, its value is the option value of the selected radio button, not True.

    If you set a Default Value for Office, it will always have a value, so you needn't use an If ... Then ... Else construction. If you haven't set a Default Value, nothing will be selected initially. If the user doesn't click any of the radio buttons, the option group will be Null, so you can use

    If IsNull(Me!Office) Then
    DoCmd.OpenReport "a1", acViewPreview
    DoCmd.OpenReport "a1", acViewPreview, , "Afid = " & Me!office
    End If

    Note that you don't have to specify "" as WhereCondition, you can just omit it.

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