Hi all,

I have a curious little oddity and perhaps this is strictly about my laptop. I work in page view. I've noticed that when I open a document based on any template other than normal and initially displaying at 100%, the insertion point is only half as tall as it should be. If I jigger it by making the zoom smaller then going back to 100%, it becomes normal size again -- a little over twice as tall.

I believe this started happening recently, but couldn't pin it down. If I just open a new blank document based on Normal, the insertion point is full size, but it's also zoomed to 111% -- or full page. Does anyone have any wisdom on the kinds of things I might toy with to adjust the insertion point? I haven't yet tried saving my templates (which are all at 100%) with a different zoom, and that may resolve it, but still... it's one of those things, ya know?