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    ICONs? Some Missing

    I'm sending this for my accountant. I don't know if it is the same problem I see listed but on his PC using Windows ME he just noticed that when he opens the Start Menu his Windows ICONs are there but all of his other applications are missing, just blank spots. He has rebooted a couple of times to no effect. What should we look for. I suggested possibly reinstalling Windows ME over the current installation but we're hesitant to do that as it does have all his accounting data on it although it is backed up. He hasn't installed any new software except for a new installation of Norton Virus 2002 and the updates. The problem started before. Any ideas - suggestions?

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    Re: ICONs? Some Missing

    Has he tried to do a System Restore ?? I'm not real familiar with ME's version of SR, but I know it was the first Windows OS to have that utility. It might be just what he needs to get his system files in order and less drastic than a repair or over-the-top installation.

    But before he does anything he should back up ALL his important files and folders to an external medium. An accountant can't afford to have anything happen to his data at this time of year !!! <img src=/S/nope.gif border=0 alt=nope width=15 height=15>
    <IMG SRC=>

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