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    Autofilter Count Problem (2002)

    I have a file that has a single column (deleted the sensitive data). It contains a number 0, 2, or 3. If I apply autofilter to it and select 0 the status bar shows 3151 out of 3440. If I select 2 I get 18. If I select 3 I get 271. When I add those 3 numbers up I get 3440. The drop down autofilter box does not show an option for Blanks or NonBlanks so there are not blank rows.

    The problem is there are 3441 records in the file not 3440. I can not tell what the value is for the missing row! Did I miss something or is this a bug? Can you confirm this for me? The file is attached.

    Thanks much.
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    Re: Autofilter Count Problem (2002)

    As far as I can tell you have posted the same question twice. I have locked this thread. All replies to <post#=455821>post 455821</post#> please.

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