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    Record Lock not working? (Access 2003 (2000 database))

    I have the record lock settings turned on in an access 2000 database (as attached).
    Multiple users use the database at the same time.

    But we still get record lock problems. Users get messages saying record has been changed by someone else do you want to copy changes to clipboard - choosing yes seems to then corrupt the record and cause cause the database to need a repair before anyone can access it.

    Any ideas what I can do to really lock the record? What causes these errors?

    note, the database began its life pre access 97 so no formal relationships between tables defined, but there is a 1:n parent/child table structure.

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    Re: Record Lock not working? (Access 2003 (2000 database))

    The "Open databases with record level locking" setting only means that Access will use locking at the record level instead of at the page level. (A page is a chunk of memory that can contain several records, depending on the size of the records).

    The actual way records will be locked is a setting at the form (or report) level, for which you can set the default in the Options dialog, just above the "Open database with ..." check box. The Record Locks property (in the Data tab of the Properties window) can be
    - No locks: you get the behavior you describe.
    - Edited record: when a user starts editing a record, all other users can view it, but not edit it, until the record is saved.
    - All records: when a user starts editing a record, ALL records in the form can only be viewed.

    Athough your default setting is edited record, you should check each form in the database individually. In many situations, No locks is OK, but since you experience problems, I would set it to Edited record. All records is usually too restrictive.

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