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    Numbered/nonnumbered paragraphs (2003)

    I have a document with outline-numbered paragraphs. At one level, the paragraph number appears to the left of the body of the paragraph with a hanging indent. My question concerns paragraphs that are especially long. I want to break a long paragraph into two pieces, but I do not want to number the second piece. Of course, I can just use a carriage return, but that inserts a full blank line between the two pieces. What I want is, say, a 6-pt space between each piece. How can I do that?

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    Re: Numbered/nonnumbered paragraphs (2003)

    Create a separate style for the follow-on text, based on the style of the numbered paragraphs, but no numbering. Set the Space Before for this style to 6 points.

    Insert a paragraph break where you want to split the paragraph, then format the second part to the new style.

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