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    'Floating' Graph Label (Excel XP)

    I have several graphs that I update each month in EXCEL. These graphs are the budget to actual variance displayed in bar graphs. Consequently, "0" [zero] is where actual equals budget, a positive bar is actual exceeds budget and a negative bar is where actual is below budget. On the each graph, I have added a text block "budget" and placed this text block over the zero on both the right and left graph axis. But each month, I have to review each graph individually as EXCEL adjusts the axis to account for increased variances between budget and actual...I then must manually move my text blocks to the new location of the zero line each month. Is there a way I can tell EXCEL to use the word "budget" where it would normally display the zero but still keep the numeric positive and negative axis numbers? If so, I can I correctly assume that this text would also realign automatically when EXCEL re-calibrates the axis to account for increased variances?

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    Re: 'Floating' Graph Label (Excel XP)

    Hi Jim,
    If you right-click on the axis, choose Format axis, then on the number tab, change the format to custom and enter something like 0;-0;"Budget";@ as the code - this should display Budget instead of zero. Depending on your values, you may need to pad the positive and negative formats so that Budget displays on one line - e.g. _?????0;_????-0;"Budget";@
    Hope that helps.

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