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    Renaming Junk E-mail folder (Outlook 2003 SP1)

    SHORT: How do I rename Outlook's "Junk E-mail" folder, or how to I designate a folder to be the recepticle for junked mail.

    LONG: I use outlook with an IMAP account for which I have root access to the UNIX server that hosts it. I have server-side SPAM filtering using SPAM assassin and have created a Procmail recipe to direct all mail marked as spam by Spam Assassin to an IMAP folder named "Junk".

    I recently switched back to Outlook and enabled its Junk E-mail filtering. It created a new folder called "Junk E-mail". It is fine that the new folder was created, but the problem is that the name has a space in it. The flavor of UNIX that hosts my IMAP accounts is FreeBSD and it uses spaces as markers to separate arguments. Therefore I can a difficult time working with the Junk E-mail folder created by Outlook within UNIX. Especially annoying is that I can not run a Spam Assassin learn command to have it analyze the mail in my "Junk E-mail" folder and update its filters based upon the messages stored there.

    My current solution is to have two Junk e-mail folders and manually move the e-mail in Outlook's "Junk E-mail" folder to the "Junk " folder. I suppose I can create a filter to automate this.

    But it would be better if I could simply rename the Junk E-mail folder or designate which folder I want Outlook's Junk filter to send junked mail to.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Renaming Junk E-mail folder (Outlook 2003 SP1)

    Checkout FFolder here at slipstick - mentioned here.

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