Further update:

It took a reg clean, and a re-install of Office, but I'm down now to one PST....



I moved off (again) my PST file, and then ran a "detect and Repair", and then restarted Outlook.

I've got ONE Contacts showing now in the new mail. That and the Outlook Address Book.

But how can I get my data from the old PST's without corruption and reverting back to all the old problems?

Should I import section (folder) by folder? And where do I get the Contacts from, since even now in the new one the Contacts isn't showing up on the Folder View -- and how come?

Iduuno... I jut need a push here me thinks...


Don't know where the heck they're coming from... gotta be something in the registry...

Now I've got a "Personal Address Book", an "Outlook Address Book", and *4*, count 'em, *4* Contacts files.

And I just exported out my Contacts to a separate PST file, moved my (first) PST so that I would start with a new one, and then imported in the Contacts -- and ended up with more than I had started with in the first place.

So what the heck do I do now? And how did I get here to start with?

Chuck Billow