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    Sonic Update Manager / Zone Alarm

    I am running Zone Alarm (version 5 5 062 011) under Windows XP (with the recent Service Pack updates) on a recently purchased (April 2004) Dell computer.

    There's a program called "Sonic" (for burning DVDs) that probably came with the computer.

    For the last two weeks, "Sonic Update Manager" has repeatedly requested access to the internet (via an alert in Zone Alarm). I have granted it access several times, but it doesn't run any visible installation or update program, so I assumed that it was updating software in the background. However, it continues to request access each time I turn on the computer.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Sonic Update Manager / Zone Alarm

    I haven't used ZoneAlarm for a long time, so... two thoughts. First, ZA might not be saving your decision, that is, it might be a one-time decision, and this is why you get the pop-up on each access. Second, ZA might have detected a change in the executable making the request (file size, date stamp, etc.) and this might be causing it to redetect the program. However, daily changes are not that likely...

    If your question really is, "What's up with this Sonic software visiting the Internet so often," well... that's a different problem. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Sonic Update Manager / Zone Alarm

    It sounds as if you have a sort of "live update" running on the Sonic product, so that it checks for updates on startup and triggers this message. Check the settings on Sonic and see if it is set to check for updates at startup. I've found that to be an annoying "feature" of many utility programs, and I always turn it off and check for updates myself at *my* convenience. Unless you tell ZA to remember your granting permission on that app, it won't, unless you go to the ZA setup screens and specifically set the access permissions for that program.

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