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    OLE objects (Access 2000)

    Alright Hans I hope your around today I need the answer to this one man. I am a real estate agent. I want to have a table that has a photo (of a house) for each record. The photos I am taking with my digital camera are .jpg. What I was hoping was that I could have a form that gave me all my property data and included a small pic of the house that corresponds to that property. So far I have created a table that has an OLE object for the photo record. The problem is that in the form in the OLE just shows up as a file name. Is there any way to fix this. One solution I found was to convert the files into bitmaps and then I would get the desired results. Since I will be taking +50 photos at a time in is very time consuming to rename all of these files to .bmp.

    Is there another way to convert all my files at once to a .bmp using a macro? Or is there a way that I can leave them as .jpegs?

    If you can answer this one hans than you are the king of Access!

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    Re: OLE objects (Access 2000)

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    It is not a very good idea to store images in an OLE field. It will cause your database to grow tremendously in size, for Access stores an uncompressed bitmap of each image. The recommended approach is to store the path and filename of the image in a text field in the database, and to use a standard image control (not an unbound OLE control) and some VBA code to display the image. The database attached to <post#=296892>post 296892</post#> demonstrates how to do this in a form and in a report. The images can be .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .wmf, .tif and several other graphics formats, so there should be no need to convert.

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