I have an ASP page from a WWW site (which unfortunately wants a password to allow access but I have it in Windows Clipboard format showing the screen view of the page, problem is it's 138k when zipped so if anyone cares to receive it, by all means drop a line <img src=/S/grovel.gif border=0 alt=grovel width=31 height=23>) displaying tabular data which I'd like to import into Access 2000 so I saved the page as an htm file locally and then used the following procedure in an Access 2000 module

Public Sub prova()
DoCmd.TransferText _
acImportHTML, _
, _
"htmlEdison", _
"c:tempedison.htm", _
End Sub
but when I run it I get the following error message:
Run-time error '2531': Your HTML file doesn't contain any tabular data that Microsoft Access can import.