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    XP hangs during shut-down (XP)

    My computer won't shut-down. It's been this way for several weeks. I leave it on almost all the time, so the only time I have to deal with this problem is when I have to restart after installing something or other. Here's what happens: I click Start > Shut down (restart or turn off, doesn't matter) and the system starts the shutdown process. I get an error message: Something like, "The instruction at [so and so] could not be read." I click OK and wait. Or sometimes I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, click the shut-down command and choose either Restart or Shut down. Finally the screen will display the message, "Windows is shutting down...." But that's as far as it goes. One time I left it overnight, and the screen hadn't changed after 7-8 hours. All I can do is turn it off manually, wait a few, and restart. Otherwise, the machine seems to run well.

    BTW, I run Norton AV 2005, and it's up-to-date; I use ZoneAlarm; and I occasionally run Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D.

    How can I track down the source of this trouble?

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    Re: XP hangs during shut-down (XP)

    Hi Lucas

    I do not know what is causing your problems but you could try the methods outlined in resources to help troubleshoot shutdown problems in Windows XP from the MS knowledge base.

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