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    An Odd IP/Resolution Problem

    I've added an XP-Pro client to my Windows 2003 domain but I can't access it from Active Directory Users And Computers.

    My network consists of 1 x Win 2003 server, 1 x Win 2000 server, a 16 port 100Mbit Switch, a broadband router and XP-Pro/2000 server clients all running across CAT 5. There is a separate link (set to autonegotiate 1Gb) running over crossover cable between the Windows 2003 & Windows 2000 server intended to act as a direct backup link (the Win 2000 server is for tape backups but is off most of the time).

    My 2K3 server is DHCP, WINS & DNS and serves as gateway to the Internet (no domain clients access the broadband router directly). Clients all access the Internet through my server, which forwards anything it doesn't recognise to my ISP's DNS servers.

    I have verified that the client picks up an IP address checking that it was recently granted from the DHCP server. It can reach the Internet (though it occurs to me that I've only checked Windows Update recently) however the server and no other domain client can see the client machine (I cannot manage the machine from my server and I cannot ping it from any other domain system) .. this is despite the fact that the server can resolve the correct address i.e. if I ping the server by name it attempts to reach the correct address.

    I ran netsh, went into winsock and reset it (something that worked on another machine) but that made no difference.

    My thoughts are that my switch may be somehow implicated (do switches remember IP/MAC addresses?) or that I have somehow got a firewall on my client PC (truth is it is an older build and I'm not sure what is on it, I did go through a phase of installing Sygate personal Firewall and found it adversely affected many things). Perhaps somehow my client's TCP/IP has gone weird but it can access the Internet. This appeared to happen before (though I didn't try nearly so many things to figure what was going on) with another system but when I revisited it a few weeks later it was working ... maybe then it's just a matter of time?

    Any ideas appreciated and apologies if I'm repeating anything others have already posted.

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    Re: An Odd IP/Resolution Problem

    Best bet is to check for a firewall on the client.


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