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    Limiting number of columns

    I do not have the slightest idea of how Excel works, nor do I have the funds to take a course.

    I'm able to build a PC, but the Office system is pretty much a mystery to me.

    What I want to do is setup a template for a three column and as many lines as will fit a page w/each line numbered as it prints. No, I don't have a book on Excel. Probably need to get one. Duh!

    Thanks for the help!


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    Re: Limiting number of columns

    I'm guessing that you want to print out a page divided into 3 equal columns and as many rows as there are. I'm also being very simple-minded, my apologies if you already know these things.

    Step 1. Make the columns about the right width:
    Select some cells in the three columns, say A1:C1. Choose the command Format Column Width and type in 25. (This is what is right on my computer; you may have to adjust).

    Step 2. Put some numbers in the first column:
    In cell A1, type 1
    In cell A2, type 2
    Select both cells and move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the two cells until it changes to a sort-of + sign. Click on that plus sign and drag down until you have about 70 lines copied.
    Or type 1 in A1 and =1+A1 in cell A2. Select A2, Copy. Select about 70 cells down below A2 and Paste.

    Step 3: Put some temporary text in about the end cell
    Go to C70 (or whereever you stopped the pasting of Step 2).
    Type in some garbage. I use "jjdfkajf" but you could put "the end". This is because Excel prints, by default, to the last row/column. and you only have data in column A.

    Step 4: Print Preview.
    Choose either the toolbar preview button or File PrintPreview.
    You can use the PageSetup features to force to a single page, or just close again.

    Step 5. Adjust
    After Previewing, you will see a dotted line on the screen where the end of the first page is. Using the vertical dotted line as a guide, repeat Step 1, making the column width so that it fits on the page.
    Using the horizontal dotted line as a guide, delete the numbers that are below it - ie on the next page.

    Step 6: Delete the temporary cell and replace with real data. You can put in a blank space or two to force an empty-looking cell.

    Does this help any?

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    Re: Limiting number of columns

    Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for the help.
    Yes, that is what I am trying to do.
    You are FAR ahead of where I am with an of the Office software. I've tried to stumble through things, but have gotten nowhere with that approach. It's tougher than I expected. If I had someone around to show me, it is probably very simple to do most things. Books are not setup to provide a "newbie" with the step-by-step directions. At least, not the ones I have seen.
    Your help is very much appreciated. That also goes for anyone else who would imput something. Nice to know that there are still those who are will to help others when they can.


    BTW....I printed this out for future reference.

    EDIT:[img]/w3timages/icons/crazy.gif[/img]...How about having lines when printed to identify each cell?

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    Want to print lines????

    [img]/w3timages/icons/thinks.gif[/img]I've gotten to the setup I intended, but I want to have the "template" print the lines for all sides of the columns and rows. How do I accomplish that?

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    Re: Want to print lines????

    Use the File, Page Setup Menu.
    Select the Sheet tab.
    In the Print section, select <font color=red>Gridlines</font color=red>.
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    Thanks for the tip.
    I really appreciate your time for a response.
    I gotta get a book I guess.
    Yeah, I know that there is a "Help" section with the program, but my searches turnout lousy (I get frustrated) for some reason. Probably don't ask for info the right way.


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