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    Checkboxes (2002/Sp2)

    I've got a couple of documents that have checkboxes in them. Both appear to be Read-Only but I can get into them.
    One works perfectly. Meaning, you can just click on it and the value toggles between true and false.
    The other just raises the property window where you are forced to make the change inside that pop-up window.
    There is no hidden code and no macros tied to the objects in either of the docs, but they both claim to be password protected.
    I know this is a legacy file..but is it possible to corrupt a new doc if you copy and paste controls from other documents that werei n previous version of Word (say W97)?

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    Re: Checkboxes (2002/Sp2)

    There are two different types of check boxes you can use in a document:
    - The check box form field from the Forms toolbar.
    - The check box from the Control Toolbox toolbar.

    They act differently.

    The one from the Forms toolbar will only act as a check box if the document (or at least the section containing the check box) is protected for forms (Tools | Protect Document...). You can edit its properties while the document is unprotected by double clicking or right clicking the check box.

    The one from the Control Toolbox will only act as a check box if you are not in design mode. The Control Toolbox has a button to turn design mode on and off. You can edit the properties of the check box while in design mode by selecting it and clicking the Properties button on the Control Toolbox, or by selecting Properties from the right click menu.

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