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    Date modified for files (2003)

    Hi all,
    I asked this question on the Windows XP forum, but was advised that this forum would be a better choice.
    At work I have inherited a system whereby every e-mail to a central e-mail address is into the archived folders folder in Outlook and then transferred on a monthly basis to a directory in Windows Explorer for searching and access where necessary at a later dat.
    The problem I have identified is that when the e-mails are cut and pasted into the Windows Explorer directory, all of the dates in the Date Modified field are changed to today's date, that is the date I did the cut and paste.
    This problem makes searching by date almost impossible as all of the dates are today's date.
    Does anyone know how I can cut and paste these e-mail into the Windows directory and retain the original date information?
    Thanks heaps.


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    Re: Date modified for files (2003)

    When you say cut and pasted, you are selecting from a list in Outlook and then pasting, and Outlook is converting the messages to its .MSG format, or to .TXT or .HTM or .RTF files? I think that since the file was created on that date, this is not surprising.

    It is conceivable, though I have not tested it, that you could write a VBA procedure to save the messages out one by one and change the date to the Sent date or the Received date, as you wish, since Outlook VBA easily can discover that information. But I think it would be a message-by-message process that might take quite a long time if you have accumulated messages over the course of an entire month...

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    Re: Date modified for files (2003)

    Bill, there may be a good reason your company uses this process, but it would make more sense to save those messages to an Outlook Archive file, which is identical to a PST except it isn't routinely kept open. Look in the Outlook help for Archiving information, and search this forum.
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