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    Word XP Yellow Highlighting (Word XP SP1)

    I have a new computer -- Win XP Professional SP2 with Word XP SP1. I have copied from my old computer (Win 98 SE with Word 2000) all of my macros and templates, including (and Styles).

    When I select a style from the Style drop down menu in the Formatting toolbar, all is well. However, I have assigned key strokes to many of these styles (eg., Ctrl + A) and when I use a key stroke combination to insert a style, when I start typing the text is highlighed in yellow. Obviously I can block the text and change the highlighting to 'No Highlight,' but this is extremely inconvenient. I haven't yet found a way to 'fix' this problem and obviously haven't figured out what is causing it.

    Is there some version incompatibility introducted because I am using templates created in Word 2000? I don't really want to recreate all my templates, including formatting and styles. FWIW, the templates were originally created in Word 97 (Win 98 SE) and moved to Word 2000 and then moved to my latest computer.

    Any other suggestions as to the cause of the problem and its solution?



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    Re: Word XP Yellow Highlighting (Word XP SP1)

    Makes no sense. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> Can you try this: change the keyboard shortcut for that style, save the change, and then change it back. Does Word do any better after the shortcut is reassigned?

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    Re: Word XP Yellow Highlighting (Word XP SP1)

    I don't know of any incompatability that would cause this. It sounds like a keyboard command is turning on this highlight.

    You will need to seek out which template carries the behaviour in order to fix it. Have you isolated this behaviour to a particular attached template? If not the problem will be in Normal or one of the add-ins you are using?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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