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    I have never had good luck with AOL. Therefore, several years ago I stopped going anywhere near it and use pretty much any other internet access service. I now have need of WebCam & using AIM is the best way as i have some Mac users that will need to view & speak - Yahoo isn't doing it and MSN doesn't deal with their Mac. Should I still be afraid of having anything from AOL installed on my windows xp pro system?

    As always - thank you.

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    Re: AIM

    Only my opinion.
    I personally stay away from AOL. Just too many things mention AOL as an exception.
    ie: if you use AOL, then you must do this or that. Everyone else can accept default settings but not AOL. This type of thing. I can't mention specifics because I HAVE avoided using them. <img src=/S/notmyfault.gif border=0 alt=notmyfault width=15 height=15>

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    Re: AIM

    AIM is a stand alone utility/program and as long as you watch the install process carefully and say NO to everything that is presented to install along with AIM, you should be OK. AIM loads malware if you let it !!! I also am one who believes that AOL should be banned from the internet and all their users retrained in using the internet correctly !!! But I do allow my kids to use AIM just so they are not "social outcasts" because all their friends use AIM and the services aren't interchangeable as far as I know.
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