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    Mass Mail out using Email field (Access 2000 - 2003)

    Hello Access Gurus,

    I am wondering whether it is possible to set up a mass e-mail out to a list of clients with e-mail addresses in an Access database. I would like to be able to click a button that runs a routine to send an e-mail message to all of the clients that have an e-mail address.

    Looking forward to your response.



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    Re: Mass Mail out using Email field (Access 2000 - 2003)

    If you want to send one mail to a group of recipients, you can use one of the methods described in <post#=455431>post 455431</post#> and <post#=158114>post 158114</post#>.
    If you want to send an individual mail to each recipient, you can use a variation of that code, see for example <post#=285111>post 285111</post#>.

    1. Some Exchange admins and ISPs have placed a limit on the number of mails you can send at one time, to prevent spam, so it may be wise to send the mails out in batches of 50 or 100.
    2. If you use code to send mail from Outlook, the user will be warned that "a program is trying to send mail on your behalf". Getting this warning for each e-mail quickly becomes annoying. See <post#=317048>post 317048</post#> for three different ways to get around this; the ClickYes option is the simplest one.

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