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    Mail Merge from Access (All)

    I have produced a form to display personnel details and enter new starter details (if required. )
    The contracts required for these employees contain many clause variants, so it's held as an outline contract Word document which has many mergefield inserts.
    There are no probs running this from a query which gets employee details - so it is possible to output contracts for everyone or a subset by putting criteria on the query, but when trying to mailmerge from the form Access errored indicating that WordMailMerge is only available from Tables or Queries.
    Two Questions for loungers.
    1. Given that the end user might just have entered all the details of a new starter using the form, what's the best/most efficient/smartest/whatever way of outputting a contract for just the new starter, please?
    2. What's the best way to produce contracts for, say Brown and Smith who might just have had employment conditions altered?

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    Re: Mail Merge from Access (All)

    You can assemble a custom SQL statement in VBA and use that as data source for the mail merge. See the links in <post#=414294>post 414294</post#>.

    Alternatively, you could avoid mail merge altogether and write the data directly into a Word document.

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