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    Mail stays in Outbox (2000)

    When mail is posted into Outlook from an Access application
    it goes into the Outbox folder but is not actually sent unless a manual send and receive
    is pressed

    It is being posted into Outlook using the simpler

    DoCmd,SendObject method from Access rather than using an Ole Automation Outlook Object

    Outlook is set up to send immediately but it doesn't.

    Any suggestions as to how we can make sure that when the mail is sent from Access it goes straight away ?

    Suggestions and Solutions gratefully received, because it is beginning to annoy me.


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    Re: Mail stays in Outbox (2000)

    One possibility is that the EditMessage argument must be set False (0) to send right away, but you should know that because the message window should display if you set it to True (or, if you don't specifiy the parameter, it defaults to True). It would be helpful if you could post the relevant section of code.
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