Anfy: the final solution to add special effects to web pages
Anfy 2.1 - Includes 52 applets for web pages, desktop wallpapers or screensaver. Applets in Anfy:
Cube Menu, Morph Menu, Tree Menu, Wheel Menu, Flozoids, IFS Fractals, Life2d, Mandelbrot fractal, Bumpmapping, Deform, Fireworks, Hue Rotator, Lake, Lens, Snow, Warp, Water, Wobbler, ZoomRotator, Anfy 3d Light, Fluid, Galaxy, Tmap Cube 3d, Tunnel, Tunnel 3d, Voxel landscape, Wormhole, Book Flip, CrossFade banner, Mosaic banner, Anfy Chat, Anfy Cam, Anfy Paint, Anfy Blobs, Blur Animator, Fire, Flag, Plasma, Solid Scroller, Text Scroller. And 12 new ones!

Can't quite figure the license - free to use, but "the link option is disabled" unless the shareware is purchased ??? They look nice, regardless.