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    Media Player 10 (XP)

    After installing the latest version on Media Player 10 from Microsoft, I could see that program indicated it was connecting and should be playing, but no sound. I checked all the settings and they seemed to be OK. I checked that the Volume Control Setting was not on Mute, but setting was OK. Thinking there could have been an error in download, I redownloaded (time consuming with only a dial-up connection) but got the same results. Tried to go back to Version 9, but Windows won't let me do that. Then, and this was just a wild idea as the volume control at bottom of Media Player Window clearly showed it to be at about 90%, I clicked on the Volume control Slider and magically there was sound. This is hardly an obvious thing to have to do but then this is a Microsoft program. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem. By the way, there is no entry in the Uninstall Program listing for Media Player. Seems to be a permanent addition. This is the released version 10.

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    Re: Media Player 10 (XP)

    If you wish to uninstall WMP10 you must use System Restore or restore from a user created backup image from a time prior to the install.


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