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    Fat Taskbar (WinXP Professional)

    I'm new to XP, so I have little experience with it.
    New problem is a task bar that is about 2 inches high, and it doesn't respond to reducing the icons to the smallest size, trying to find the two-headed arrow to
    pull it down, or any of the tricks from Windows 98SE.........I know this has to be basic stuff, but I haven't figured it out yet. Help?
    Thanks for all the good stuff in the past.

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    Re: Fat Taskbar (WinXP Professional)

    The taskbar can be locked in Windows XP. Right-click an empty part of the task bar, and if there is a check next to "Lock the Taskbar" in the popup menu, click it. You should then be able to drag the upper edge of the task bar up or down, move toolbars around etc. It may be a good idea to lock it again when you're done.

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