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    Auto Close a Message Box (2004)

    I have a form with an on click event that opens another form. The form it opens has three queries that it runs. They take around 3 to 4 seconds to run them. When the button is clicked, the program just sits there. Right now I have a message box displayed that says please wait with an ok button. Is there a way to close the message box when the form is ready to open so the user doesn't have to click ok? Or is there a better way of notifying the user that the program is thinking?

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    Re: Auto Close a Message Box (2004)

    You can change the mouse pointer into an hourglass while the queries are running:

    DoCmd.Hourglass True
    DoCmd.Hourglass False

    You could also display a form with a label that keeps the user informed of what's happening. If you make the form modal, the user can't click in other forms. You can close the form when things are ready.

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