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    Day problem when publishing Calendar to a webpage

    I have a weird problem when publishing an Outlook 2000 (SP-3) Calendar to an intranet webpage. The appointment details on the right side of the webpage are correct, but the main "month view" has all appointments shifted by one day. As an example, I have an event scheduled from Wednesday 16 March to Friday 18 March. This is shown correctly on the details section, but on the month view, this becomes Tuesday 16 March to Thursday 18 March, which is impossible!

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

    Daniele Squarci - Italy

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    Re: Day problem when publishing Calendar to a webp

    This is a guess: there can be strange time zone issues between Outlook and other software which can lead, for example, to "all day" events shifting to cover more than one day. Whether this is something on the web server or in an Outlook web control or somewhere else, I suspect you are running into this problem.

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