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    Query query (2000)

    I have a table with graduation items that have been ordered and their corresponding colors. A gown could be ordered three different ways--as "Cap, gown and tassel", as "Cap, gown and 'bling-bling' tassel" or as "Gown only" Each of these three choices has a field designating the color selected: e.g. [GownOnlyColor], [CapGownColor] and [CapGownBlingColor]. I need to set up a query or at least a report to group the names of all who selected a particular color gown from any of those three choices. And there are 14 colors to choose from. The end result I'm looking for in a report is the number of black gowns ordered, number of red gowns ordered, number of green gowns ordered, etc. I don't want to make 14 different queries...Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Query query (2000)

    You can create a Totals query that groups by color (and, if necessary, by order type) and counts the number of records:
    - Create a query based on your table.
    - Select View | Totals or click the Totals button on the toolbar.
    - Add the color field to the query grid. Leave the Total option as it is (Group By).
    - Add a calculated column Number: Count(*) and set its Total option to Expression.
    - Switch to datasheet view.

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