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    VB Database capability with different Access Versi (VB 5.0 / Access 97 a

    I have been using Access 97 with VB5.0 Professional, and recently upgraded to Access 2003. When pointing to an Access 2003 database that I created, VB states that the .mdb file is not recognized. Can I not use an Access 2003 database with VB 5? Or is there an ADO issue that I can fix this with?

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    Re: VB Database capability with different Access V

    You may need to update your database components. Microsoft has a huge MDAC download which contains the latest ADO 2.x, and it separately has downloads of the "Jet engine" for newer versions of Access. I actually don't know whether 2003 is the same as 2000-2002; those used version 4. You can start your search here: Hope this helps.

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