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    Connection Problems

    Howdy all. I've run out of ideas here, so I'd like to ask for assistance. Here's the background. I'm using Win2000SP4, and am out of state for a job, with my laptop, and I'm having severe connection problems. At home, it's on an ethernet network, and I had installed Netzero as a dialup backup before leaving so I could get online away from home. All was well using Netzero in Colorado, then I checked into a campground and got set up with the wifi network there. All was well, and I uninstalled Netzero. Left the campgroung for greener pastures, wound up in another state, and decided to try Netscape for a dialup instead of Netzero (downloaded before I left the campground). Got here in Nevada, installed Netscape, and immediately went into BSOD's when connected - sometimes while connecting, but it happens at most any time after connecting as well. Uninstalled Netscape, reinstalled Netzero, same BSOD's. No matter which one I use, same crap. I'm amazed that I've been able to stay online this long. Here's a complication - I can use my cell phone as a modem without any BSOD's!? I've reinstalled the laptop modem and driver, with no change. Anybody got any ideas?? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Connection Problems

    You don't say where you are trying to connect from on your latest attempts. Is it a hotel, motel, campground.... ???? Could it be a small-town, local phone company (there are still a few) or perhaps some money gouging "special" phone service that the hotel is using ?? If your cell phone is able to make the connection with no problems, then the trouble has to be with the phone or phone system you are trying to connect with and having the BSOD come up. HTH
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