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Thread: Unhelpful help?

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    Unhelpful help?

    Is it advancing age or is Help becoming less helpful?

    I've only fairly recently moved to Office 2000 from 97 and I seem to have more trouble finding what I want in the help files. I've just moved to a new computer and had to reset my personal preferences for file locations. One of them is 'Startup'. I wasn't certain what it was, so looked in Help.

    There's nothing about the Startup Folder there and there's no explanation of what it is under File Locations, but finally after a search of Woody's lounge, I deduced that it's where automatically loaded Add-ins are stored. This fact appears in Help under 'Loading and unloading templates and add-in programs', but this page wasn't found by any of the searches I did, despite the fact that 'Startup' appears on the page.

    This isn't the first time that the index has failed to find relevant information. Do others find the same or am I getting old? Either way I'm glad I've discovered Woody's Lounge!


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    Re: Unhelpful help?

    At least in this instance it has become less helpful, although when I was first trying to figure out global templates, I couldn't find anything in Word 97's help because I didn't know what to call them. Word 97 help lists a number of useful topics in response to the work startup.

    You may be beyond it, but you may want to look at <A target="_blank" HREF=> Template Basics</A> ( for more on templates (user and workgroup), document templates, global templates and This also includes how the files are organized under File New and the location of template folders which varies not only by version of Word but also by operating system.
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