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    stacked bar chart (Excel 2003/SP1)

    Attached is a WB with dummy data that represents one I'm using at work. I have a stacked chart but it's way too hard to read and so I'd like advice on how to improve it. <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15> I have 3 services that I'll call AA, BB, CC each of which has 20 sets of data. The data runs for 5 years (4 quarters each) so 20 sets of data per service.

    Services are: AA-1,AA-2,AA-3,AA-4,AA-5,AA-6,BB-1,BB-2,BB-3,BB-4,CC-1,CC-2,CC-3,CC-4,CC-5
    (each one has 20 sets of data; 5 years, 4 quarters per year)

    I tried to make a chart such that for Qtr1, service AA has its own vertical bar, service BB has its own vertical bar and service CC has its own bar. Within each bar is the respective 'type' data which produces the DNA-like stacked appearance of the data to show its scale relative to the total value.

    Do I need some dummy/empty data to make this happen or will it still be a mess to read even when it's separated?

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    Re: stacked bar chart (Excel 2003/SP1)

    Not sure exactly what you are after. How is this?

    I rearranged your data to have by qtrs and then by AA, BB, CC etc all the same color. Each "stack" is the "step".

    To fit all the X-xtegories on requires a very small font, however....

    One suggestion is to decide what you are trying to show with the data and plot just the relevant data. I think a chart should be made, not just to plot data but to demonstrate something, and from this chart (and the one you have) I am not sure what you are trying to demonstrate or show (just my <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15>)


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    Re: stacked bar chart (Excel 2003/SP1)

    Here is another version, with staggered data.

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