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    All Progrrams box (XP Home )

    Please help if you can(I am a beginner).When I click on Start-All Programs,the Program box appears,BUT it is not centered to the monitor,so the bottom part(the last one or maybe two)programs on the list are LEFT OFF.Is there a way I can elevate the box so that they also become visible(and clickable).I tried gettint the little double arrow,but it will not appear at the edges of the Programs box.
    Thanks v.much!!!
    John Arato,Vancouver,B.C.

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    Re: All Progrrams box (XP Home )

    Try this:
    - Right-click the Start button on the Windows task bar.
    - Select Properties from the popup menu.
    - Click Customize...
    - Activate the Advanced tab.
    - Scroll down the list box until you see Scroll Programs.
    - Click on the corresponding check box.
    - Click OK to return to the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window.
    - Click OK.

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