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    Installation crash (2003)

    This may be a windows XP problem... but it happens only when installing MS Office. My school handed out free legitimate copies to students of MS Office 2003 - Enterprise edition. When I got home I tried to install it, however everytime it got to the "Enter authentication Key" it would crash. Sometimes it would let me type in a few letters before crashing, but it would always crash before I could continued installing.

    Some additional information: I have a copy of Office 2002 installed (not sure if that could affect things). I think i'm running w/ XP Service pack 2. I tried copying the contents of the CD to my hard drive (so CD and Drive work). I tried installing all new critical updates & restarted like 10x - no go.

    Any ideas what I can do?!?? or what else I can try? <img src=/S/confused3.gif border=0 alt=confused3 width=45 height=45>
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    Re: Installation crash (2003)

    Try to install it from Installation Mode ( Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs | Add New Programs (on the left pane) | CD or Floppy | Browse and choose ENT11.MSI file rather than Setup.exe file). Be sure your user profile has rights to install new programs (Administartor or Power User rights). Always use Installation Mode if you want installed programs be available to other user profiles.

    If Installer will crash once again, open Event Viewer ( Start | Run | type EVENTVWR | hit Enter | choose Application), double-click on crash event (red 'X' or yellow '!' sign) and post event description there, please.

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