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    Can't open web page when in db (2002)

    This could be a tough one to solve. Mainly because I'm only half the equation and my half works. I support an Access db that has data that is displayed on our company intranet. When ever anyone is in the db, the web page won't display. The web "developer", (I use the term loosely), has insisted that the db be physically located on the IIS server because she could not connect (ODBC) to it on a different server. It's now located on the same piece of h/w. She can connect to it but not when somebody else is in the db. Can anybody give me some guidence with this? I'm assuming that it's a locking issue.

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    Re: Can't open web page when in db (2002)

    Odds are your web developer is trying to open the database exclusively. Not knowing what technology is being used makes it difficult to determine what the actually error is, but if you want multiple people in the database (IIS being one of them), you need to make sure it is opened in a shared mode. If it were a locking issue, it would only show up when you had a record conflict. So find out what technology is being used - Static HTML, Dynamic HTML, DAPs, Front Page, or ASP in some form. It will probably require a collaborative effort between the two of you.

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