We provide a macro for users to attach numbering schemes to the active document. The VBA command I use is ActiveDocument.CopyStylesFrom Template. Depending on the user's choice in the macro, the appropriate template is specified in that command.

In a couple of cases, the Header style in the active document (after the code runs) has Outline level 1 associated with it. So the empty header, with a blank para styles as Header, displays as 3. on page one, and increments (inconsistently) through the document. The source document (template) does not have an outline level associated with the Header style.

All of this (same document, before being set to Word 2003 compatibility) works perfectly in Word 2002.

If I user the Organizer to copy styles to the active document from the same template, the Header style has the outline numbering level attached to it as well.

I know that Word 2002 had a bug that affected intents and tabs when copying with the Organizer. SP3 took care of that for user-defined styles, but as I recall, NOT for built-in styles.

This looks like a similar problem. Anyone have experience with this?

Richard Barrett