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    text import wizard patch

    Does anyone know of a patch for the text import wizard in Access 2000? Or do I need to load the SR.1a? When I try to import a large file (about 90,000 records) that has fixed column widths, I just get garbage in the import wizard window. I can import the file with Access for Win95, no problem.

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    Re: text import wizard patch

    If you don't already have SR1a installed, install it immediately! It fixes a bunch of stuff that should have worked out of the box.

    If you have SR1a and still run into the problem, then are any of your other wizards misbehaving? Can you import smaller fixed width text files? If you have a wizard problem, try Detect and Repair on the Help menu. It essentially reinstalls Access and can fix a lot of broken stuff. If you can import smaller fixed width text files, then what is different about this one? For example, how many fields are represented?

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