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    Cross Linking (2003 All SPs)

    I have a series of reports which make a catalogue of various items.
    Each section comprises 2 Reports:
    The first report is a cover page(s) with pictures (each numbered) of each of the products in that particular group
    The second report has sizes and price details of the particular products. At the top of this report is the picture of that particular product and a description of the material, colour etc. Below this, a sub report shows the various sizes and prices.
    I would like to be able to click on a picture in the cover page(s) and have it automatically take me to the appropriate section in the detailed price section
    Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    Re: Cross Linking (2003 All SPs)

    If you mean reports in the Access sense (i.e. in the Reports section of the database window), it can't be done. Reports are not interactive, they can only be viewed or printed. Controls on a report don't have On Click events.
    If the "cover page" is a form, you could use the On Click event of the controls used to display the products to open the relevant detail report.

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