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    Macro-driven Word docs on Intranet

    I have a client that has a number of macro-driven Word 2K documents (contracts, agreements, etc). So far, they have only been distributed to a small group of people but they now want to make these available through their Intranet. The company standard is to enable the Word macro security even though they have the McAfee virus scanner installed on all machines with on-going updates.

    Is there a way to automatically enable the macros in these docs? Right now, users are not able to access these documents and I think the culprit is the level of macro security. (I can get the exact error message from client if that helps). However, it seems that if it is easy to enable the macros then what is the point of the macro security in the first place--not that I think that a static virus scanner is useful anyways <g>

    Any helpful suggestions on how these documents can be distributed would be appreciated. TIA

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    Re: Macro-driven Word docs on Intranet


    The best way to do this is to not store any of the macros in the documents themselves, but rather in the template that is attached to the document.

    That way, the macro warning will never be triggered when you open a document, whether on an intranet or not.


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    Re: Macro-driven Word docs on Intranet

    Thanks Gary for your suggestion. This was also my first recommendation to the client but there were some newbie managers that resisted posting the templates on the network even though they are doing the same thing by distributing via the Intranet. I will just need to revise my explanation a bit to get the buy-in.

    Thanks again for confirming the correct approach

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