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    Opening OmniForm in VB6 (VB6)

    I have become fairly proficient in opening Microsoft Word Templates with VB6 and globally finding and replacing certain terms. I now want to do the same thing with a form created by OmniForm 5. Is it possible? If so, how? I would like to replace certain "Codes" in the form such as "ClientName" with the information from a VB6 textbox. I would greatly appreciate any assistance! Thank you!

    Bob Nichols

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    Re: Opening OmniForm in VB6 (VB6)

    You can manipulate Word documents and templates in Visual Basic because the object model for Microsoft Word is exposed to programmers (MSWord.olb). Does Omniform have an exposed object model? A quick Google search makes me think it doesn't, but that is not conclusive, of course.

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